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Buddy Bags Project

Buddy Bags Project

What is the Buddy Bag Project?

Children in the dependency system are often moved from home with nothing but a sack stuffed with any belongings they are permitted to take. Moves are often emergent; a child can be placed in a stranger’s home late at night without anything of their own, nothing familiar. Our Buddy Bag Project distributes duffels and backpacks filled with age appropriate personal and comfort items, such as baby care necessities, toys, hand made blankets, books, diapers, undergarments, alarm clocks, and school supplies to help give a child a sense of belonging and respect at such a helpless time in their life.

Buddy Bags are a wonderful way to immediately and directly impact children who find themselves in the most vulnerable time in their young lives. You can help by donating funds or gathering “Items Needed” to create more Buddy Bags; download the list today. You can also help by volunteering to help put Buddy Bags together. Join us and make a difference!

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